Spend an hour with us learning
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Welcome to Acadiana Consultants, LLC.  As a trained marketing consultant, I work closely with small businessowners to develop effective marketing tools.  My specialties are the design of informative websites that are easy to edit and update as well as the development of professional newsletter templates for maintaining client contact.
As a businessowner, you could try to build a website yourself to save money.  Getting your thoughts organized effectively and managing a new software program may take more time than you’re able to commit which means the task might never get done.  Delegating this task to a well-meaning employee might result in what’s referred to as a “rinky-dink.com” or a website that’s not professional-looking or functional.
Another option would be to hire a web development company to build a website for you.  This can be very expensive both in the initial investment and as your marketing needs require small changes be made to the site.  When you have to rely on another party to update your site, the cost and slow turn-around time often keeps businessowners from freshening their sites as often as they should.
We are a small company which allows me to work one-on-one with clients to build unique, professional-looking and informative websites that suit their marketing needs.  Design decisions are made together and I often work side-by-side on the Y2WebBuilder content-management program to teach interested clients how to update the sites themselves.  The hands-on experience is powerful and motivating.  The end result is a professional website marketing tool for your business that you create yourself with the time-saving tips and instruction of an experienced marketing-minded webmaster.

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